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Watch for Signs of Brake or Clutch Issues

By keeping an eye out for brake problems, you can stay proactive about repairs and keep you and your passengers safe. Call us for a brake inspection if you notice the brake pedal pressing further to the floor than usual, the car pulling to the right or left when you brake and squealing noises/vibrations as you slow to a stop.
“I highly recommend Gordon and the team. They are straightforward and honest with reasonable prices. I will be a return customer.”
— Kirsty B.

Pro Cut. Pro Results

With our Pro Cut Rotor Matching System, we can significantly reduce and even eliminate vibration and shuddering. This award-winning machinery can ensure the safety of any of your vehicle’s brakes, including 4WDs. 

Safe Brake Pads

To ensure that you’re receiving the very best brake pads, our technicians use Bendix or DBA brake pads for all replacements. These brands ensure clean, quiet stops and longer pad life. 
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Get your brakes checked to ensure peace of mind and vehicle safety.

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If you’ve noticed something wrong with your brakes, don’t risk your safety. Call us for a replacement.
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