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Recognise Signs of a Dead Battery

We all dread hearing that faint clicking noise when you turn your car keys. By being aware of the signs of a weak battery, you can avoid the hassle of a dead car. If you’ve jumped your car multiple times recently or noticed that it won’t start randomly, you may have a dying battery on your hands. 

Call us right away if your engine cranks, but doesn’t start, or if it’s completely unresponsive (no crank, engine start or lights).
“This mechanic has been a godsend for me. They've gone above and beyond my expectations countless times and I can't thank them enough. Without a reliable vehicle, I can't manage the charity I run. They've come through for me when both money and time have been super tight.

Numerous times they've loaned me a vehicle to keep the charity ticking over when my truck has been out of action. I'm pretty sure I've even been given the family's personal vehicle at one point when I was desperate and had nowhere else to turn.

These guys aren't only good at what they do — they're also good people. I can't recommend them enough.” 
— Kris I.

Two-year Warranty

For your peace of mind, we offer a two-year warranty on all of the Lion Batteries we offer.
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Lion Battery Supplier

At Mechanical Care, we only offer the best battery parts for your car. That’s why we supply Lion Batteries, an Australian-owned family company that specialises in battery products for all of your vehicles. 

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If you suspect a weak or dying battery, call us right away. We’ll give you a brand-new charge.
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