Gearbox and Transmission

Gearbox and Transmission

Quality Gearbox and Transmission Repair in Canberra

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General Servicing

Whether you drive an automatic transmission or a manual transmission, our mechanics provide general servicing to keep your vehicle in top shape.
“I always use Mechanical Care. They are great people with great service. They are very professional and knowledgeable.” 
— Jo M.

Watch for Warning Signs

Because electrical components deteriorate with time and irregular oil changes can cause clogs, it’s important to pay attention to signs of wear and tear to avoid costly replacements. Be aware of low fluid levels and problems with your torque converter, solenoid and clutch. 

Transmission Diagnostics

During our transmission inspection and diagnostic test, we’ll check your transmission fluid and perform a road test to evaluate drive rage, upshift and downshift quality and timing, passing gear, noises, vibrations, 4 x 4 performance, park-hold and more.

We’ll also place your vehicle on a lift to check for external issues, such as vacuum connections, fluid retention, axles, shafts and more.

Maintenance Measures

The best way to prevent damage to your transmission is to regularly monitor your fluid levels. You can also bring your vehicle to a professional to ensure that everything is working at optimal function. If we can catch a transmission issue early on, we can quickly repair it to spare you from any major damage.

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Check My Transmission

Your transmission is an essential part of your vehicle. Call us to keep it great condition.
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