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Performance Cars

Keeping Your Performance Cars in Top Shape in Canberra

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Customise Your Vehicle

Give your performance vehicle a personal touch with our cosmetic customisations. Simply tell us the design you have in mind and we’ll modify our services to meet your needs.
“Thanks for servicing our cars, Gordon. We have taken both of our cars, a Ford Territory and a Subaru Outback, to Mechanical Care for many years. I absolutely can't fault the quality of service or after service.

I have found after many years that we are best off taking our cars to a real mechanic. I’m not saying the dealership guys aren't trained, but after years of taking our cars only to the dealership for 'servicing,' I have learned that there is a big difference in knowledge and experience. A dealership 'technician' will sell you the largest, most expensive car part and a mechanic will try to work out the root cause of the problem. Thanks, guys. It’s much appreciated.” 
— Kristen F.

Professional Consultations

We offer consultations to discuss the best options to fit, modify or upgrade your vehicle. Whether you’re interested in stylistic, mechanical or safety features, we can advise you on which parts will best suit your project.

Upgrade Your Performance Vehicle

Our trained mechanics can repair, maintain and upgrade even the most state-of-the-art performance vehicles. We provide engine management, custom tuning, superchargers, carburettor, exhaust and muffler systems and suspensions.

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We can customise your performance vehicle

Revamp Your Vehicle

Don’t trust your performance vehicle with just anyone. Call our mechanics for premium service.
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