Registration Checks

Registration Checks

Certified Registration Checks in Canberra

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ACT and NSW Registration Checks

If it’s time to renew your vehicle’s Rego, you can count on Mechanical Care to provide the documentation you need. Our certified professionals offer ACT and NSW blue and pink slips and verify the safety of your vehicle.
“Mechanical Care conducted an NSW roadworthy check. Great service.”
— Anonymous

“They did a pink slip. They were a friendly, helpful staff and they did a really good job”
— Daniel

Gas Rego (LPG) for the ACT

We also offer gas Rego (LPG) for the ACT. During this check, we’ll diagnose your gas system and provide any necessary repairs and fittings.

Thorough Inspections

At Mechanical Care, we don’t cut corners. Our team focuses on attention to detail during every Rego and safety inspection so you can have peace of mind about the performance of your vehicle.

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We are ACT Reo Inspection Station and Belconnen's Only NSW Rego Inspection Station

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If your Rego is about to expire, call our trusted mechanics at Mechanical Care for a pink or blue slip.
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