Steering, Shocks and Suspension

Steering, Shocks and Suspension

Steering, Shock Absorbers and Suspension in Canberra

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The Essential Nature of Shock Absorbers

There are three essential elements to consider when you’re looking for quality shock absorbers. If any of these characteristics seems off, call us right away for an inspection.


At 50 km/h, just a single worn shock absorber can increase your stopping distance by two metres.


Worn shock absorbers can cause your tyres to lose contact with the road, thus affecting your steering.


Worn shocks can also cause excessive sways around corners, roundabouts and highways.

Six Signs of Worn Shocks

  1. Trouble stopping: Worn shocks can add as much as 20 percent to your stopping distance.
  2. Side slide: If your vehicle veers in side winds, you may have a shock absorber problem.
  3. Shake, rattle or roll: Take note of shaking motions, especially over railway tracks or uneven surfaces.
  4. Bad vibrations or noise: Uncomfortable steering wheel vibrations may be shock-absorber related.
  5. Nose-diving and swerving: Be aware of car-bonnet dips when you brake or slow the vehicle.
  6. Uneven tyre wear: Look for bald patches or unevenly worn tyres.

Preventing Damage

Prevention is always better than repair. There are many factors that affect the longevity of your shocks, steering and suspension. Be aware of how you drive, where you drive, what you drive, the loads you carry, weather conditions and seasonal changes.
“Great mechanic. I had a problem with my wheels grinding, so I took it in for it to be checked. It turned out to be some loose nuts on the wheel as it had been tampered with. Gordon didn’t charge me and sent me on my way.” 
— Daniel

Regular Maintenance

As a precaution, we recommend that you have your shocks, steering and suspension inspected every 20,000 km. They should be changed at least every 80,000 km. 
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Steering Service

In addition to our shock absorber services, we also offer steering repairs, maintenance and modification.

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