Wheel Alignment and Balancing

Wheel Alignment and Balancing

Precise Wheel Alignment and Balancing in Canberra

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Five Signs that Your Wheels are Out of Alignment

  1. Your vehicle pulls to the left or right.
  2. Your tyres squeal.
  3. Your steering wheel is crooked, even when you’re holding it straight.
  4. You notice your tyres wearing down quickly.
  5. Your entire vehicle vibrates or shakes when you’re driving.
“Mechanical Care has been great mechanics. A very nice gentleman owns the shop and he is always helpful. He doesn't price gouge women and the service is wonderful. He helped me by directing me to get factory recalls that were due for my car that the same model service centre didn't recommend. He helped me by squeezing me in to do my NSW-rego inspection. Thanks, Mechanical Care.” 
— Alicia

Benefits of Aligned Wheels

By adjusting your wheels to be parallel to each other and perpendicular to the road, we can reduce tyre wear from uneven pressure. Alignment and balancing also ensure that your vehicle travels straight without veering towards one side or another.

Balanced Tyres. Balanced Car

You can have full control over your vehicle with well-balanced tyres. Take a proactive approach to your car’s mechanical longevity by having it serviced today. By doing so, you can prevent an off-balance vehicle and dangerous driving vibrations.

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Mechanical Care is accredited by MTA NSW for our dedicated work

Drive a Straight Path

Keep your passengers safe by having your wheels periodically aligned and balanced. Call us to begin.
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